Trusted specialists in women’s health for over 30 years


As the premier skin care destination in Palm Beach County, we recognize that our patients expect a higher level of service. Our team of professionals have over 14 years of combined experience that is unmatched in our industry. Together, we provide a comprehensive selection of services that are designed to complement each other, and provide the natural and lasting results that you’re looking for.


We’re believers that each woman’s beauty starts internally. That’s why at Estucia, we know that minor natural-looking improvements can go a long way for boosting your confidence and satisfaction with your look.

We use only the safest, most trusted pharmacy grade products, and the most proven services in the industry to ensure that every application or service we provide is the healthiest and safe choice for you.

As a family run business, we understand family, and treat all of our clients as if they were a member of our very own. We pride ourselves on our one of a kind customer service, attention to detail, and superior industry knowledge.

Run by world renowned physician Dr. Ronald Ackerman, Estucia is known for its cutting edge technologies in the field of Aesthetics and Health. Dr. Ackerman is known as the doctor to the stars. His experience and personal touch make Estucia the most experienced and safest choice for beauty and health enhancement in Palm Beach County.


With a combined experience of over 40 years, Estucia weight loss and aesthetics is one of Palm Beach County’s leading and most trusted medical spas. Our services include botox, dysport, laser hair removal, PRP, Fillers, Mesotherapy for fat reduction, Microneedling, thread face lifting and much much more.

Dr Ackerman has worked with the care of women since 1986-his whole life has been dedicated to the care of women – whether that be beauty and health, Obstetrics and Gynecology or General medicine.

Throughout the years, Doctor Ackerman has distinguished himself as a leader in the care of women, from gynecology to dermatology, he has based his entire practice on the care of women. To date, he has treated over 40,000 patients and trained hundreds of estheticians and physician’s assistants across South Florida.

He hand-selected our team of experts who run Estucia’s cosmetic injectables and laser practices. Together they form the premier South Florida team for cosmetic fillers, laser hair removal, and cosmetic enhancements.


When you walk through the doors of Estucia, you’ll know you’re somewhere different. From Stephanie, our beloved administrative assistant, to Kimberly, our warm and friendly PA-C, you’ll be treated with the care and kindness you’d expect from any family, and be delighted with for a physician’s office.

At Estucia, we’re founded on the idea that women are a centrifugal force on our families, and should be cared for and treated with white glove service. We have relationships with patients we’ve been seeing for over ten years, who trust us explicitly in the care of their beauty and aesthetics, and we’re proud to call patients like you family too.


When Doctor Ackerman started in the medical field in 1984, he had no idea it would lead us to where we are today: one of the most trusted medical spas in South Florida.

Doctor Ackerman’s promise was “to provide the best beauty and wellness care possible to women” and today, with over 40,000 satisfied patients across both of our sister companies, we have successfully completed that process.

Dr. Ackerman started his private practice

Dr. Ackerman attains a position as the chief resident of Long Island Jewish Medical Center, NY

Dr. Ackerman becomes Board Certified

Dr. Ackerman started working with Celine Dion

Jamie Ackerman joined the team

Estucia opens its doors


Our knowledge in the medical industry stretches far beyond cosmetic injectables and laser treatments. With Doctor Ackerman’s foundation being obstetrics and gynecology, health is in our veins, so to speak.

We have a long history of helping women live their healthiest, most beautiful lives. Our initial operation was started in 1986. 14 years later, we opened Comprehensive Clinical Trials, to expand our expertise into the research of the most advanced and cutting edge medicines and beauty products on the market.

  • Comprehensive Clinical Trials
    As one of the most advanced and accomplished clinical research sites in the world, we have been a preferred research facility for the largest pharmaceutical companies globally since 2000.
  • Dr. Ackerman’s Private Gynecology Practice
    Our obstetrics and gynecology services include adolescent care, annual exams, menstruation care, prenatal care, pregnancy care, family planning and surgical procedures. We make every effort to see that your visit is comfortable, convenient, and informative.
  • Estucia Weight Loss and Aesthetics
    Palm Beach County’s leading and most trusted medical spa. Our services include botox, dysport, laser hair removal, PRP, Fillers, Mesotherapy for fat reduction, Microneedling, thread face lifting and much much more.


Given our deep relationship to pharmaceutical grade beauty products, starting prior to their public release, we have access to an unprecedented level of information about each of the products we chose to work with.

We conduct full research, and internally analyze data on all machines and medicines on the market. We often even conduct independent studies on each of the products we bring into our medical spa, so that we can be confident that only the safest, most effective products are used.